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• Carpe Diem
• Vanitas Vanitatum
• Tempus Fugit. Memento Mori
• Danse Macabre



• The J.C. Family
• The King
• The Queen
• Princess to amend difficult conflicts. Princess to marry her in cases of national emergency. .
• Princess to solve any problem. Princess for definitive and lasting alliances
• Buffoon of the Eternal happy moments
• Buffoon of the Nocturnal Jokes
• Buffoon of the Daily Laughs
• Asshole
• Silly of Turnip
• Silly of the Balls
• Solemn Stupid
• Patriot of Tin-plate


• The family of Charles IV: The King Carlos IV
• The Family of Charles IV: The Queen María Luisa of Parma
• The Family of Charles IV: Godoy
• The family of Charles IV: Pepita Tudo. The lover
• The Family of Charles IV: Goya
• The Family of Charles IV: The Alba Duchess


• The family of Felipe IV: Las Meninas y un servidor
• Philip IV of Spain. The King  
• Mariana of Austria. The Queen
• The Family of Felipe IV: Infanta Margaret Theresa of Spain with eight years
• The Family of Felipe IV: Infanta Margaret Theresa of Spain with fourteen years
• The Family of Felipe IV: Infanta Margaret Theresa of Spain of mourning, with fifteen years
• The Family of Felipe IV: Count-Duke of Olivares
• The Triumph of Bacchus. "Los Borrachos". Velázquez


The Family
• The Grandfather who never worked in his life and lived on the dole
The Grandmother who never took off her petticoat in her life
• The Father who spent his whole life playing cards
• The Mother, a saintly woman who had to put up with murder
• The Son who spent his all life preparing for competitive examinations
• The Daughter who was left on the shelf
• The Grandson, a lefty who became a squatter and never had to pay a mortgage
• The Granddaughter, a smart ass who set up a NGO and then kept on sponging off it
• The Sister who got mixed up in politics and so had a cushy job

• The Brother who became a millionnaire by collecting commissions
• The Niece who became a cloistered nun
• The Nephew who enlisted in the Spanish Legion
• The Cousin who spent his life holding up banks
• The Cousin who chose to work as a whore
• The Aunt who married a very wealthy Rajah
• The Uncle who went to Cuba and gladly married money
• The Family of work
• The Family of school


• Spain is Different
• La Mantilla y la Peineta
• El Tablao Flamenco
The Priest of my people
Guardia Civil. Spanish Security
Policy unemployed looking for safe corner
• Unimpeachable politic searching for an unscrupulous party
Politicians we solve all your problems and especially ours
• Spanish Penitent
• Carmen
• Spanish Team: La Roja
• The Great Chain Trophic. Too Fucking Son for so little space


• Cutting the stone. The Extraction of the Stone of Madness or The Cure of Folly
• Arnolfini Portrait

• Liberty Leading the People
• The Luncheon on the Grass
•The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp
• The Sream


• The group of the three Caliphs died in the bed
• The group of the four Caliphs
• The Paseillo
• The lancing third. La Suerte de Varas
• The third of flags. La Suerte de Banderillas
• The third of death. La Suerte de Matar
• Bombita and Gallo
• Bullfighters: Lagartijo
Bullfighters:Sánchez Mejías


• The Group of the Three bandits reprieved by the King
• The seven children of Ecija
• The Veneno and the Barberillo
• Bandits: Perot lo Lladre
• Bandits: Joan de Serrallonga
• Bandits: Diego Corrientes
• Bandits: Jose María "El Tempranillo"
• Bandits: El Lero
• Bandits: Tragabuches
• Bandits: Luis Candelas
• Bandits: El Pernales
• Bandits: Pasos Largos


• The evening of the three Flamenco singers of the same country
• Seven Flamenco singers for more of fifty sticks
• Flamenco Singers: Juan Breva
• Flamenco Singers: Antonio Chacón
• Flamenco Singers: Manuel Torre
• Flamenco Singers: Manolo Caracol
• Flamenco Singers: Pepe Marchena
• Flamenco Singers: Porrina de Badajoz
• Flamenco Singers: Antonio Mairena
• Flamenco Singers: Juanito Valderrama


• Estrellita Castro
• Juanita Reina
• Concha Piquer
• Imperio Argentina
• Raquel Meller
• Lola Flores
• Rocío Jurado


• Barbudo. It killed Pepe Hillo
• Jocinero. It killed Pepete
• Bailaor. It killed Joselito
• Pocapena. It killed Manuel Granero
• Granadino. It killed Sánchez Mejías
• Islero. It killed Manolete
• Avispado. It killed Paquirri
• Burlero. It killed Yiyo


• I want to have an harem for me and my friends
• I'm here talking with Alí, waiting to Said...
• My friends the Moroccans
• All the women like the Hammam
• The woman of Hammam. The Venus of Casablanca
• The Man of Hammam. The Pacha of Casablanca
• Gym. Room of the Beauty
• Hairdresser's shop. They have made me a special of the number 15
• Odontologist
• Hairdresser's shop for mens
• I was walking around the port of Casablanca, listening the music of Sam
• Odalisca surrounded by tourists on the verge of taking off the seventh veil
• Odalisque of the Poetry
• Odalisque of the Dance
• Odalisque of the Bell Song
• Odalisque of the Music
• Odalisque of the secrets of the harem
• Odalisque of the hidden pleasures of the Sultan



• Pantocrator
• Saint Peter
• Saint Matthew
• Saint Andrew
• Saint Thomas
• Saint Simon the Zealot
• Saint James the Greater
• Saint Bartholomew
• Saint Judas Thaddaeus
• Saint John
• Saint Philip
• Saint James, son of Alphaeus
• Judas Iscariot


• Saint Lucía
• Saint Lawrence
• Saint Clement
• Saint Bárbara
• Saint Eulalia
• Saint Vicent
• Saint Cecilia
• Saint Pancracio
• Saint Stephen
• Saint Ursula and the eleven thousand virgins
• Saint Agueda
• Saint Sebastian
• Saint Tarsicio
• Saint Inés


• To the Sky go those who have influences...
• Angel to feed the hopes
• Angel to draw and to paint the dreams
• Angel of the cares and the caresses
• Angel for tutelary the passion and the emotions
• Angel Air-Bag for any type of unforeseen
• Angel to protect you at the difficult moments
• Angel to guarantee the happy moments


• To the Hell go those who don't have friends...
• Beelzebub to feed the gluttony for the Fast-Food
• Leviathan to satisfy the envy from those that don't travel to the Caribbean
• Lucifer to inject pride when we watch ourselves in the mirror
• Mammon to reinforce the greed when they raise taxes to us
• Asmodeus to untie the lust of the Saturday night
• Belphegor to stimulate the sloth of Sunday evenings
• Satan to increase the wrath against television garbage


The Renaissance. Federico da Montefeltro. Piero della Francesca
• The Renaissance. Agnolo Doni. Raphael
• The Renaissance.Antonello de Messina. Autoritratto
• The Renaissance. Botticelli. Autoritratto
• The Renaissance. Ritratto di Giovinetto. Lorenzo Lotto
• The Renaissance. Giuliano de Medici. Botticelli
• The Renaissance. Ritratto di Ignoto. Botticelli
• The Renaissance. Ritratto. Giovanni Bellini


The Birth of Venus
• The Three Graces
• Adam and Eva
• Venus of the Mirror
• The Nude Maja
• Gabrielle d'Estrées and her sister
• The Misses of Avignon in the morning
• The Misses of Avignon at the end of the day
• The Great Kiss of Saturday


Sleeping Venus
• Venus of Urbino
• Venus of Manet. Olympia
• Venus without papers. Venus of the Country house
• Shaved Venus. Venus of the Barceloneta
• Venus of the WebCam


• I want to be a Minister
• I want to be a Housewife
• I want to be a Nun
• The girl with the pearl earring
• Portrait of a young woman
• They: La Gioconda. Leonardo da Vinci
• They: La Muda. Raphael
• They: Margarita van Eyck. Jan van Eyck
• They: Portrait of Woman. Rogier Van der Weyden


Tarzan, the ape man
King Kong
• Gone with the wind
• Casablanca
• Arthur, the king of hard porn
• Singin' in the rain
• The Bride of Frankenstein


The Woman of the Launcher of Knives
• The Swallow of Swords
• The Lifter of Weights
• The Bearded Woman
• The Dwarves of the Balls


The Violin
• The Violoncello
• The Contrabass
• The Guitar
• The Clarinet
• The Bass Clarinet
• The Bassoon
• The Oboe
• The Saxophone
• The Valve Trombone
• The Flute
• The Horn
• The Trumpet
• The Tuba
• The Harp
• The Piano
• The Drum Kit
• The Timpani
• The Singer
• The Director
• Violins
• ...And Trumpets



• I'm from Jaén
• Beaches in Barcelona
Rio de Janeiro. Cidade Maravilhosa
I was walking around the port of Casablanca
• Roma, citta aperta
• I Love Barcelona
• Burgos no te dejará frío
• I am going to New York
• De Madrid al cielo


• We go away of holidays
• We go away to a desert island
• Landscape VII
• Landscape VIIII
• Landscape IX
• Landscape X


• Landscape I
• Landscape II
• Landscape III
• Landscape IV
• Landscape V
• Landscape VI
• Landscape with couples
• Landscape with seven pregnant


I'm always thinking in my things
• My Mother
• My girlfriend doesn't love me
• My mother loves me
• All the dreams are possible if you are with me
• I want that you buy a bicycle to me like yours
• I want that you buy a car to me like yours
• My Family: Wanted
• We like to read before making the love
• All the dreams are possible if you are with me II
• The days are too long without you
• My woman goes to the gym twice a week
My wife and I
• My cousin "la Pedorra"
• My cousin "la Petarda"
• My cousin "la Plasta"
• My cousin "la Pendona"
• My cousin "la Pija"
• Los Kapullos de mis primos buscan novia desesperadamente
• Las Kachondas de mis primas buscan hombres bien dotados


The unpresentable of my neigheborhood
My better friends, my son, my woman, I and a stranger
• Three Friends of the childhood
• Three Friends from the last summer
• My better friends, my son and I
• Who is the lady's man who pays the account
• Goodbye Cocoons


All are happy I
• All are happy II
• All are happy III
• The Books put me hot
• Single Man
• Single Woman
• I've been 40 years thinking about what the pussy I want
• I've been 40 years thinking who the pussy I am
• We all look for the passion


The Grandmother who found a boyfriend through the Internet
The Grandfather who went round the world with the Senior Citizens Travel Agency
The Grandmother who split her sides laughing every time her pension was increased
The Grandfather who liked to talk about his past adventures
My grandparents
The grandparents of my woman
My friends the grandads


• Medieval Bestiary: Amphivena
• Medieval Bestiary: Aspid
• Medieval Bestiary: Basiliscus
• Medieval Bestiary: Centaurus
• Medieval Bestiary: Griphes
• Medieval Bestiary: Hyena
• Medieval Bestiary: Luncis
• Medieval Bestiary: Manticora
• Medieval Bestiary: Monoceros
• Medieval Bestiary: Serpens
• Medieval Bestiary: Siren
• Medieval Bestiary: Stellion


Don Quixote: Don Quixote
• Don Quixote: Sancho Panza
• Don Quixote: Dulcinea
• Don Quixote: The Ama
• Don Quixote: The Niece
• Don Quixote: The Priest Pero Pérez
• Don Quixote: The Barber Maese Nicolás
• Don Quixote: The Ventero
• Don Quixote: Maritornes
• Don Quixote: Teresa Panza
• Don Quixote: The Vizcaino
• Don Quixote: Ginés de Pasamonte
• Don Quixote: The Freston Magician
• Don Quixote: Marcela
• Don Quixote: Dorotea
• Don Quixote: Luscinda
• Don Quixote: Countess of Trifaldi
• Don Quixote: Zoraida
• Don Quixote: The Malambruno Giant
• Don Quixote: The gentleman of the green overcoat
• Don Quixote: Miss Rodriguez
• Don Quixote: Altisidora
• Don Quixote: The Duke
• Don Quixote: The Duchess
• Don Quixote: The Bachiller Sansón Carrasco



Exemplary lives: I'm until the balls
• Exemplary lives: I'm until the pussy
• Goodbye Cocoon
• Goodbye Cocoon


Disappeared when they said to him that he had to learn another code of another card
• Disappeared when they named him president of the stairs
• Disappeared when they invited him to a food of ex-students of a Jesuits school
• Disappeared by own decision in the best moment of its life
• Disappeared in the consultation of a clairvoyant. His future was like his present
• Disappeared because he didn't have anyone to give a branch of flowers.
• Disappeared in the Bridge of the Purest the life to be glad
• Disappeared in the Bridge of Easter to fulfill a dream
• Disappeared in the Bridge of 1st of May because she was fed up and her heart requested it


I'm one cocoon: I look for the Paradise
• I'm totally idiot, I look for the Passion
• I'm the wafer
• I'm a master
• I'm a cock
• I'm the Bible in verse
• I'm a very special type
• I'm a gangue
• I'm a Crack
• I'm going to break


• I look for a Dream
• I'm not your Mother
• I look for the Paradise
• I'm not your maid
• I Dream with the weekend
• I don't want to dream single
• I want to be bad
• I want to laugh with you
• I don't know if I'm a cocoon
• I don't want to put me nervous
• I'm not your dream
• I'm not your father


• Family visiting New York with their boy raised in to the Empire State Building
• New York Downtown. Five o'clock in Wall Street
• New York Uptown. Gospel in Harlem
• Three women in New York
• We all do the same trip. Red night
• We all do the same trip. Black night
• Dreams of the third millennium I
• Dreams of the third millennium II
• Dreams of the third millennium III
• Dreams of the third millennium IV
• Dreams of the third millennium V
• Dreams of the third millennium VI
• Dreams of the third millennium VII
• Dreams of the third millennium VIII
• Dreams of the third millennium IX


• Large mouths of the excuses
• Large mouths of the Solutions
• Large mouths of the Projects
• Large mouths of the End of the Year
• Large mouths of the botched jobs
• Large mouths of the Promises


• Vidente Manolo
• La Bola de Puri
• La Carta Astral de Josemi
• El Tarot de Toñi


The Divine Dali
• The Divine Gala
• Ghost II
• Ghost IV
• Ghost VII
• Ghost VIII


• Searching for Couple: I like blondes, brunettes, redheads, bald, tall, small, dwarf, silly, smart. I like them all
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a simple, hardworking girl and good person. I promise to teach bright walk trails. I promise to take her wherever she wants
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a bargain for the weekend in Albacete. I'm self-employed. I like them fatty. I do not create problems. I'm a nice guy
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a wench, good in milking cows, who knows how to plant cabbages, potatoes and other vegetables and looking at the moon
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a millionaire to make a big score. I have many projects, many initiatives, many ideas. I'm a crack
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a one night fling, or for a while, for half an hour, for five minutes, for thirty seconds
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a woman to take care of me. I'm a rough diamond that needs care. I'm a dream come true
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for an intelligent, educated, sensitive woman... Who knows languages , cooking, who has a nice ass and good tits
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a femme fatale, but takes care of me. I don’t care about ruining for her. I don’t mind about her curriculum. I will be her slave
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a rope woman. I promise to love her intensely. I promise to dream about her every night
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a romantic, dreamy and sentimental woman. I'm a hopeless romantic. A guy with clear ideas. A dreamer looking at stars
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a princess with or without crown. I promise to be her faithful squire. Her barking dog. His guard. His guide
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for the love of my life. Looking for my soul mate. My princess. My better half. My north
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a muse who inspires me. I promise to make her a heroine, a goddess. The most desired in the world
Searching for Couple: I’m looking for a kind soul to take her about paths of glory, through skies full of stars



Kamasutra: The Dance
• Kamasutra: The Surprise
• Kamasutra: The Screwdriver
• kamasutra: Crokscrew
• Kamasutra: The Swing
• Kamasutra: The Caress



• Bronze: Buffoon of the Eternal happy moments
• Bronze: Buffoon of the Nocturnal Jokes
• Bronze: Buffoon of the Daily Laughs
• Man
• Woman
• Man Great Neck
• Woman Great Neck
• Man of the Third Millenium
• Woman of the Third Millenium
• Woman without heart
• Fossil head I
• Fossil head II
• Fossil head III
• Fossil head IV
• Fossil head V
• Fossil head VI
• Fossil head VII
• Fossil head VIII


Wood: Bobo Dioulaso Monster
• Wood: Bandiagara Monster
• Wood: San Man
• Wood: Bamako Man
• Wood. Bamaño Woman
• Wood: Man with beard
• Wood: Brain woman with white body
• Wood: Brain Woman
• Wood: "T" Man
• Wood: Very high P.I.C. Man
• Wood: Pseudomeningocele Woman
• Wood: Man
• Wood: Woman
• Wood: Warrior
• Wood: Warrior
• Wood: The employee of the year